“I just love reading the Sensitive Evolution and find all of the material very beneficial and informative. I can relate to nearly every post and have really found a new outlook about myself and my place in this world through Maria’s writing. I have known that I was Highly Sensitive for quite some time now but have just recently started researching and gathering information about the trait in hopes to help better my life and hopefully family members as well. Her blog and website are chalk full of valuable information to help all HSPs out there. Thank you Maria for all that you do for us.”

Kristie Rikke
Size 18 To 8

“I appreciate your posts because they bring aha moments (a lot of them). I only discovered that HSP was even a thing in 2011. That was when a giant light bulb went off. Finding out about it changed my life in helping me to understand why I was the way I was and also how I could help myself be more prepared to deal with overwhelming situations. Finding out about it just scratched the surface. Reading your blog posts help me to understand even more fully, often pointing out things I didn’t even connect myself. It’s difficult figuring it all out when a lot of the people around me don’t understand it so finding a place that does helps me feel like I belong.”

Karen Droege

“Sensitive Evolution has been one of the main resources in my journey to know about HSP. Maria’s blog posts are always insightful as well as professional and her way to communicate is very compassionate.”

Tuula Ahde

Sensitive Evolution is both affirming and validating of what it means to be a HSP. It confirms who I am as a person despite the lack of understanding or compassion from friends or family members who simply do not get it. Thank you Maria Hill for all you do for HSP’s and looking forward to more documentaries like“Sensitive”

Michele Renee Renaud

I was overjoyed to discover Sensitive Evolution. I spent a lot of time wondering what was wrong with me and why I felt different to others. I am now able to better understand the issues that come with being a highly sensitive person and to know I am not alone. Thank you.

Nicole Shields

I am very curious in reading about HSP articles especially since I find that it helps me understand myself better and also the different personality traits of being a highly sensitive person. Ever since I have read the articles I feel there are similar people in this world who share what I feel and who share their experiences which helps a great deal. Thank You Ms. Maria Hill for everything that you do and Gold Bless You.

Walter Paul Dsouza

Sensitive Evolution is the voice that I keep quiet. It speaks up and validates.


Discovering my sensitivity is a trait and not a problem has been life changing and so very empowering.


In my experience what most people crave is to be understood and loved. Learning about the HSP trait and understanding it better has helped me tremendously. The information helped validate experiences. Sensitive Evolution goes a long way to meeting those two basic needs of being understood and thus loving oneself better and creating a more whole person to give back. Thanks.

Maria Cross

I am so thankful to know other people have the same dealings I do.

Kim Baermann

This helps so much with my clients and children!

Kris Sands

I enjoy the community HSP provides. It’s nice to have something so specific to how I am in the world.


I love materials from this blog. They are wise and encouraging. Thank you.


I like to learn about my life as I have spent it…wondering about myself. Of course,I choose the material among all your posts..that suits me as I am 60 years old.


Reading Sensitive Evolution reminds me that it’s not only ok to be highly sensitive but it has its blessings too.Also, that I am not alone in this and to embrace my sensitivity.


I think that other people generally think that HSP is a synonym for dysfunctional, they can’t see why we need to wind down more than anyone else. On the flip side, they are unable to appreciate our rich inner worlds, which I would not trade to fit in with non-HSPs. So it would be beneficial to know how to try to close the gap that exists between us and them, as feelings of rejection and inadequacy lead to both mental and physical health problems

Diane Grafton

Sensitive Evolution offers some of the most refined truths about the characteristics of high sensitivity.There are articles here about how to develop my creativity,how to avoid overstimulation burnout, how to build strong personal boundaries which have raised my quality of life.Thanks

Popa Mihai

I always wondered about my sensitivity and wrote it off as I didn’t want to attract attention. Until this blog came along. Now I feel a lot less alone and have gained understanding about how to handle my sensitivity better, especially in stressful situations. Thanks Maria!


I find it very interesting and validating as it’s sometimes scary being a highly sensitive male in this macho world.


What I appreciate most about the HSP (Health) information is the upbeat energy. I find to be HS is to see and feel the most sublime aspects of reality. To see more and more articles that address this aspect is reassuring and that many times to be HS is also to be a Cultural Creative Visionary.

Erial Ali

The newsletter has helped me feel more accepted as a highly sensitive person

Pam Martin

I am just so thankful to have a support group that understands my ‘feelings’ which can cause great joy for others in my life as well as, unfortunately, great strife as well…while all along my hsp creates such dilemmas. Thank you.


It’s good to not be alone. It allows for an exploration of sensitivity rather than a desire to pretend to be different!

Letitia Noel

HSPs are always in need of and searching for information, direction reading and exploring what they know of themselves and the world. This site is full of expansion and timely for all of us. I recommend it highly.


Hsp helps me feel like I belong. That there are others like me. That we are not flawed like what we were brought up to think. I’d like to use my hsp as strength.


HSP Health has been extremely informative in providing information & experiences regarding challenges I experience and I greatly appreciate the learning & knowledge I gain from the articles published.

Lisa Kleinsasser

I am 60 years old. I have only known for about 2 years that I am HSP. For my entire life I thought I had ESP or maybe, I was full of shame for coming from a broken family, as a small child.. I now think that it is great that we are sensitive.

Mari Ayotte

Maria Hill’s HSP Newsletter is always filled with very valuable and inspiring information. Maria is a unique teacher and coach. As a longtime HSP, I have researched and read books about this challenge for more than 6 years. Maria has a refreshing and unique take on what it means to be an HSP and her newsletters alwayscontain up-to-date and unique information. I am very grateful for Maria’s expertise because her point of view always resonates with me.

Judith Fine-Sarchielli

Everytime I read the HSP´s blog, I feel like I am normal and I am reassured about the fact I have a place in this world, what I often doubt.


It’s nice not to feel so isolated. I have always been aware that I experience the world in a way that many othersfeel is odd. In my senior years I am looking to preserve my energy, and quite enjoy the richness of life that it has afforded me. Toni

Everything I read on the HSP blog is so ‘spot on’. It’s like your answering the questions in my subconscious.

Thank you. Marina

Dealing with many different sites and social networks which speak on the Highly Sensitive and Introverts, Sensitive Evolution is the one that seems refreshing, light, and not overstimulating. No flashing banners, type A personalities, nor drama. I greatly appreciate this site.

Kevin Thomas

Thank you all so much. It truly does help me feel understood and relieved to relate to all of your inspiring posts :). I am no longer all alone in this

Alicia Clayton

Thanks ever so much for the information you provide through your blog. It has helped me to develop an entirely different frame of reference from which to deal with life’s challenges. I now come from a place of core strength and appreciation for my gifts, and use them very successfully. This is a vast difference from my early teachings that something was wrong with me. Well done, I look forward to the videos!


I am finally coming to understand who I am, and am not, and know that I am okay being a HSP. My biggest struggle is the work atmosphere and finding a job where I can best utilize my strengths; so the articles and comments by others is greatly appreciated