Why Highly Sensitive People Are Practical!

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Highly sensitive people are often treated poorly. HSPs are empathetic and creative and as a result do not easily fit into the Western cultural model. To many people, apparently our being different causes them to judge the highly sensitive person as a flake. Not so fast! Differences Between Highly Sensitive People And The Non-HSP Highly sensitive people have nervous systems that absorb everything in their surroundings. The HSP nervous system is like a sponge taking in all forms of sensory information as well as nuances in the energy of the people around them. So highly sensitive people are highly aware which is really a wonderful gift! All of the information that HSPs take in needs to be processed. It has to be taken in, assimilated and dealt with. That means that  the highly sensitive person usually has to slow down to deal with and understand the information that they are taking in. Slowing down provides the highly sensitive person with the ability to conscientiously process information. Non-HSPs do not take in the volume of information that HSPs do. Their nervous systems do not pick it up. Non-HSPs are often faster than HSPs. However in being fast, they are often wrong, too. HSPs And Information I am sure you have heard the expression, “Knowledge is power,” and there is some truth to it. It would be nice if we could apply it to HSP knowledge not just non-HSP knowledge. Apparently we cannot – yet. I guess what is defined as knowledge does not really apply to energy fields, psychic perception or empathic ways of knowing. The highly active nervous system and right-brained orientation of HSPs causes them to take in different kinds of information. Therefore, highly sensitive people are likely to approach the world without the ideological frame for information that accompanies many … Read More

Why We Need Highly Sensitive People Now

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Why do we need highly sensitive people now? Are we seeing a renewed interest and dare I say respect for the sensitives of the world? Conditions Are Everything Conditions are everything. We are culturally bound which means that it is easy to lose sight of how other conditions may be changing. Right now we are seeing a perfect example of a disconnect between human cultural systems and world conditions. Human cultural systems are digging in their heels in order to maintain the status quo, while the reality of deteriorating global conditions continues its significant harm to the environment, humans and other living creatures on the planet. So perhaps  the concept of “mind over matter” – or left-brained linear thinking – has its limits although we do not seem willing to concede the point. So many cultures have come and gone because they disrespected the underlying conditions that supported them. Jared Diamond has written about this topic in his book, Collapse. Too often cultures become inflexible putting themselves at risk. HSP’s can help with that. Highly Sensitive People Notice Conditions Highly sensitive people are masters of nuance. They sense everything and notice when something is not working. Their nervous systems pick up all sensory information around them. HSP’s nervous systems are somewhat like a lightening rod or an advance warning system. The highly sensitive person can tell when something is wrong when others do not see it. Highly sensitive people pick up all sorts of signals from their environment: sound visual tactile psychic energetic if there is a signal or sensory information of some sort, HSP’s receive it. What The Highly Sensitive Person Does With What They Notice Highly sensitive people can become overwhelmed by the information they take in from our overstimulated and highly complex culture. And for many it … Read More

Telltale Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

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Do you like solitary pursuits? Do you get overhelmed easily? Do you hate small talk? Even if you do, how do you know you are a highly sensitive person? Traits Of The Highly Sensitive Person Highly sensitive people get the sense at a young age that they are different. They don’t fit in. They are not interested in the same things that other people are interested in. They are not motivated in the same way. This profound sense of being different is life long. It does not go away, and can cause pain when the sensitive’s differentness is treated badly by family, peers, and early authority figures. There are many reasons that the highly sensitive person will get the message that they are different: physical sensitivities like loud sounds, too much noise, light and tactile or touch sensitivity may cause discomfort or pain, which is not necessarily true of non-HSP’s. a highly sensitive person often needs time to themselves to rest after interacting with others. Non-HSP’s often recgarge with other people. social interaction can be draining unless it is for a short time, with a few people in a quiet setting. Non-HSP’s are more comfortable with big noisy social engagements. the highly sensitive person hates small talk, something that non-HSP’s thrive on. competition and the highly sensitive person are like oil and water. Non-HSP’s are more comfortable with competition. highly sensitive people are sensitive to the feelings of others and have a tendency to absorb the feelings of others causing much discomfort and unhappiness. HSP’s are known for their empathy. Empathy in sensitives is more than a feeling for others – it is an active way of knowing the world . HSP’s are right-brained. Non-HSP’s are more left-brained and  analytical. HSP’s can have strong psychic and intuitive abilities. HSP’s dislike … Read More

There’s Nothing Wrong With You! A Special Program for Highly Sensitive People

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Do you want to see the good in yourself and why it matters? Do you want to put yourself out there in the world more? Do you want to live according to what is most important to you? A Special Program For Highly Sensitive People The There’s Nothing Wrong With You! course was developed from the survey that more than 500 highly sensitive people responded to. You may have been one of those people. I am very grateful for the generous and open expression of concerns about the challenges of being a highly sensitive. From the responses I have created 2 foundational courses: identity because so many have difficulty feeling good about being highly sensitive people deep evolutional or developmental structure to make it easier for process what you take in, and find your “values” kindred spirits. The course will be available for self study or with a coaching option. They can be done individually or you will be able to do both courses together. Below are the objectives of each class. Part 1: Embrace Your Special Nature In this course, you will: discover why it is important for you to embrace your trait now learn about the archetype can help you compassionately embrace your journey connect the importance of your history to understanding your story start connecting the dots between self perception, culture and family enjoy a deep dive into 11 characteristics of highly sensitive people to claim them and reframe them develop a clear and compelling view of the benefits of each of the 11 HSP characteristics create a statement of who you are – independent of cultural and social perceptions of worth – to build a new foundation for your identity. Part 2: Claim Your Place In the World In this course you will: discover the relationship … Read More