Why Impatience Is SO Bad For You

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Impatience is so bad for you. It is one of the most seductive emotional states. It is a great way to make life more difficult and relationships challenging. Impatience is like playing a child’s game of bumper cars with real life and adult consequences. Worshipping At The Altar Of Speed I find the adoration of speed in our culture to be curious. When I am going fast, I stop thinking. Speed demands focus on the task at hand and so it cannot be a time to contemplate what you are doing. To be truly effective at warp speed, you need to have contemplated, evaluated and assessed your intended actions before you engage in them, Does our cultural speedfest really allow for that? In my opinion, no. Speed For Conquest When the speed of daily life is ramped up, there are consequences. One of them is what happens with our attention and intention. When we function at a slower pace, we spend time contemplating what we are doing, what we want to do,  and what we need to do. We think about the implications of our actions, the alternative courses of action and the possibilities that our choices present. We can own our intention. When we have to go faster something has to give. What gives is usually the way we direct our attention. A high speed life makes us more task oriented and more focused on the short-term. That means that we delegate the long term to others. In doing so we disempower ourselves. Faster living means that we have been made one down almost like objects or parts on a conveyor belt. We are the wheels on the bumper cars and someone else is doing the driving. Our attention has to be elevated but we have lost our intention … Read More

An Easy Way To Discharge Stressed Out Energy

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  Nature is one of the most powerful and natural healing modalities available to us and yet it is largely untapped as a healing resource. We highly sensitive people are more vulnerable  to a stressed nervous system  from the high levels of stimulation that are so rampant in our western culture. Over my lifetime I have tried many modalities to relieve myself from the excessive stress out feeling I get from being ‘out’ in the world. What I have found is that Nature is the one consistent place my body, mind and spirit automatically relaxes and comes into a state of harmonious synchrony. One way nature creates this nervous system balance is by helping us to shift our attention from thinking to sensing. The sights, smells, sounds and general energy level of nature is a lot more harmonious and attractive than the loud and discordant stimuli so often found in cities, the workplace and even our homes when the T.V is on. How Your Heart Field CanRelieve Stressed Out Energy Studies have shown that when you shift to sensing you alter the electromagnetic field of your heart. This causes the heart rate to slow as well as bringing the two parts of the nervous system into a dynamic state of alert relaxation. The quickest and easiest way to bring yourself into this state which scientists call coherence is by actively seeking out that which you find attractive. Appreciation for beauty activates the heart’s energy field. Science has shown the size of the heart’s electromagnetic field is much larger than the brain’s. This means that the rest of the body and mind will entrain to it which creates that much sort after state of relaxed ease and openness. The more you practice direct perception and appreciation the more you will move … Read More

Add Love To Your Life With Abhyanga Daily Oil Massage

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The good news is that you do not need an elephant to have a great massage. Massage is actually something that you can do for yourself every day. The massage I am referring to is an oil massage which feels luxurious – like a dose of love – and detoxes as well. Abhyanga One of the most valued daily health practices in Ayurveda is oil massage called abhyanga. Abhyanga, the Sanskrit word for oil, is the practice of pouring herbal oil on the body and massaging the  oil into the body to help restore and maintain balance. It is a daily massage practice for promoting general health or it can be part of the Ayurveda detoxification program called panchakarma. Sesame oil is the most commonly used oil for self-massage. From a health perspective according to The Ayurveda Encyclopedia, abhyanga benefits the lymphatic system which carries nutrients to and remove toxins from the cells. Increasing nourishment and reducing toxins helps highly sensitive people by supporting their sensitive nervous systems from unnecessary toxic overload. Health Benefits of Abhyanga The Ayurveda Encyclopedia lists the following additional benefits of abhyanga: reverses and prevents aging releases fatigue and stress heals and prevents nervous system disorders helps vision nourishes the body and improves sturdiness remedies insomnia promotes electrochemical balance in the body prevents dehydration in the skin strengthens nerves helps the electromagnetic field of the body strengthens the immune system by increasing antibodies. These important benefits of a daily oil massage provide help for highly sensitive people because the oil goes into the skin, tissues and the nerves providing relief for stress, insomnia and fatigue which we are all affected by. When the massage is done daily, it helps prevent the buildup of stress and nerve damage in the body. Unlike medication for stress and nerves, … Read More

7 Baby Steps For Stress Relief

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When we are under stress particularly severe stress, we often want to run away from it because it is so painful. Highly sensitive people struggle more than others with stress because their nervous systems are so attuned to the world around them. We pick up every hurt and dissonance, take it in and then need to process it.  The hardest part is trying to make sense of it and find a resolution when it may be beyond our control to do so. We end up not only in pain but also feeling helpless and disempowered. There is no easy solution to these problems.  But there are some steps you can take to help yourself.  Sometimes when we try to handle our stress we go to our heads when our bodies and souls are hurting.  Sometimes we reach for the ice cream or a pill.  There is no easy answer for an awake heart.  But it is our treasure and gift.  We need to see it as a shining jewel inside of us, one that is meant to be shared. Treasuring our hearts also means respecting their limits and setting healthy boundaries which sounds so easy but is a challenge for highly sensitive people with their big hearts. One way to improve your stress is to take baby steps to reduce it. Here are some ideas: meditate daily.  It helps heal stress and supports a healthy nervous system, particularly Transcendental Meditation. get exercise, since it is a great stress reducer and help protect you from disease. Yoga and walking are great choices. eat a stress reducing diet of whole grains, legumes, rice, vegetables and fruit. choose a vocation that is good for your heart. choose social companions that are also good for your heart. remove mean individuals from your life as … Read More

The Magic Of Oxygen

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  Getting enough oxygen is becoming a challenge. In prehistoric times, oxygen was 30-35% of the atmosphere. Now it is around 20-21% and in large cities even less – around 15%. And the amount of oxygen is declining still. These levels of oxygen are not life sustaining. We are at risk of permanent structural oxygen deprivation. What Is Hypoxia? Too little oxygen in the body or oxygen deprivation is called hypoxia. Oxygen deprivation can have many causes: stressful living conditions environmental conditions dense living situations with a lot of demand on the supply of local oxygen automobile exhaust can reduce available oxygen poor breathing habits toxins on the body. There are a lot of reasons why someone might have unhealthy levels of oxygen in their body. One of the most important occurs when we are under stress which is when we often start to breathe in a shallow way and lose the oxygen intake we need to thrive. Over time, we will become debilitated from a lack of oxygen. Stress And Oxygen Deprivation Stressful situations are conditions where the body sends emergency supplies of oxygen and nutrients to where the body thinks they are needed.  Stress creates conditions where greater oxygen is needed and used and less oxygen may be taken in. On a short term basis that is not a problem. On a long term basis it is a disaster. When you breathe in, you take in oxygen and whatever else is in the atmosphere. The oxygen comes into your lungs and then enters your bloodstream attached to the hemoglobin in your blood and eventually makes its way to the cells of your body which require oxygen in order to function. Oxygen is a catalyst for cell function to come to life. Once used, the cell then sends carbon … Read More

I Love My Cat’s Life

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I adore my cat and how she lives. I have often wondered why the way we live is so different. So many people think animals are not as smart as we are but I remain unconvinced. I see the soul in her eyes, the living being that is no different. My cat takes life in stride. Why is that so hard for us? Taking Life In Stride: A Piece Of Cake For A Cat Many sages talk about the importance of just being. Being is the state when you are in the moment without a need to make something out of it, prove anything, or be anybody. Being is a state of oneness with the universal life force. It’s a state of is-ness. My cat is good at being. With being comes a total lack of self doubt, that I as an HSP love. She doesn’t have to be somebody and she knows that this world is hers as much as mine. There is no question in her mind about her right to be here. My Cat Has Status In all honesty, my cat has status. She has a ridiculous number of pet beds around the house that she cycles through to select her favorite spot of the moment. She climbs under the covers at night and has the first choice of where to sleep. She has my lap to climb onto when she wants some reiki energy. Kelly tells time: when I should get up and when I should go to bed. Keeping On Kelly has only one working eye and a poorly healed broken pelvis, so we go for walks with her in her harness and coat. She doesn’t love it, but we make it work. We got her as a companion for our cat Socrates who has since passed away. She came with her health issues since she had … Read More