Massage Helps Heal PTSD

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As an HSP with PTSD, I spent a lot of years confused and stressed. When I first had my “delayed onset” symptoms of PTSD I did not know what they were—still less that highly sensitive people tend to have an excess of the stress hormone cortisol and also often suffer from poor sleep. I am not sure if it’s my HSP mind or just me, but I am the queen of connecting up the dots—so I soon realized my PTSD symptoms were connected to an early childhood trauma—surgery on my ears with not enough ether. (Ether is traumatic enough!) But figuring that out that didn’t help me sleep and didn’t relieve the PTSD. I was “hyper aroused”—although I didn’t know the term. I did know my ears were ringing but stopped if I was out in nature. Doctors didn’t seem to know what to do. Unfortunately all they did was prescribe antidepressants. I was crying, so I must  be depressed.  Right?  I mean sadness is always a symptom. (Or not!) Of course these strategies all interfere with sleep, so I was pretty frantic. Massage To The Rescue I was suffering so much that I started to look for solutions elsewhere. I sought the help of my chiropractor, who found a way to send me his massage therapist to my house every week, and billed my Blue Cross. Boy was I lucky! This young man was not just a massage therapist, he was a healer. Bless him! I am sure, that his healing gift was one reason the massage helped my PTSD and insomnia. Massage And The Healing Power Of The Laying On Of Hands The beneficial effects of massage have been known since the beginning of recorded history. It was also called the “laying on of hands” by some and has … Read More

Meditation Heals Traumatic Stress

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    Have you developed a meditation practice for yourself? I have meditated now for almost 20 years and it is one of the best things I have done for myself. Like many HSPs, stress has always been a problem for me. Meditation is one of the few things I have found that provides serious help. Traumatic Stress Required Healing Many HSPs not only suffer from serious debilitating stress but also the traumatic stress caused by abuse. All the the violence  including verbal and emotional violence in our world causes a tremendous amount of suffering especially for highly sensitive people because it can take a lot of time for us to recover from a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, in some situations, people do not recover, the traumatic damage is too great. Many Forms Of  Traumatic Stress Any form of trauma can create serious and long-lasting traumatic stress. All forms of childhood abuse, assault and any other form of violence, and bullying can create deep long lasting emotional and mental pain. The worst, of course, is war where violence is a constant for a long period of time, which is why a new study is so valuable for all trauma sufferers. Meditation Helps PTSD It is very useful to understand what treatments benefit those who have suffered the worst forms of abuse, since they can often help those whose injuries are milder. According to a recent 2008 study of five Iraq/Afghanistan veterans who has served up to two years and experienced moderate to moderately heavy fighting, meditation was able to relieve their PTSD symptoms. According to the release by the Behavioral Medicine Report, the study was conducted by Norman Rosenthal, M.D., a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School and director of research at Capital Clinical Research Associates in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Rosenthal … Read More

How Does Stress Become A Stress Disorder?

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  How does stress become a stress disorder? We all suffer from stress which is a natural part of life.  Our challenging culture and busy lives are so ingrained that we have become too accepting of stressors so that we may minimize their effects. Stress has many damaging consequences that are easy to overlook: Stress effects can last longer than we realize. It is easy to think of stress as something short term because we usually think of it as a temporary event or phenomenon.  A disagreement, someone cutting you off in traffic, these are each finite short-term events.  A stress event is not necessarily isolated, and the accumulation of stress can overwhelm the body leading to diseases. This is particularly true for highly sensitive people. The body has limited resources for dealing with stressful situations. Although we live in an age where limitless is the preferred idea about reality, it is a mistake to believe that we can or should transcend natural limits. Unfortunately, we often live as if natural limits to not apply to our bodies, as well as the environment. If we fail to respect our limits, we can overtax our bodies to the point that they are severely and even permanently disabled. Stress can disable not only our nervous systems, but other bodily systems as well. Stresses are body-wide.  So they affect every system and create further distress and potentially illness where the body is weak. Disease is a process.  When stress, which creates body damaging free radicals, overwhelms the body the disease process starts and can end in a disease that is life threatening.  Minimizing stress can be life saving. How does stress become a stress disorder?  If a stressful situation is prolonged or a trauma severe an individual may develop a stress disorder. One … Read More