Which Detoxification Steps Are You Missing?

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Are you aware that detoxification is only part of the process of rejuvenating yourself? Detoxification is necessary when toxins build up in our bodies to a point where the pathways of the body become clogged so that nourishment and detoxification are not able to occur naturally. Getting rid of toxins and restoring balance consists of 2 objectives: clean up the digestive and immune systems restoring cell and digestive functioning. One of the best detoxification experts is Dr. John Douillard of Lifespa in Colorado. He is also the author of Colorado Cleanse which details in a very readable way why you need to detox and the steps necessary to remove toxins from the body and restore optimal functioning. Dr. Douillard’s excellent detoxification program that both detoxes and rejuvenates the body. These are the steps for an effective detox and rejuvenation program: cleaning the lymphatic system, home to most of our immune system. The lymphatic system is found in the inside of our intestinal wall and extends to all the lymph channels of the body including the lymphatic systems the drain the skin and membranes of the body of toxins. When the lymphatic system is compromised, our immune systems cannot do their jobs. repairing the mucus membrane of the gut. Part of the lymph system is the mucus membrane of the gut which is very responsive to digestive imbalances. The imbalances show up either as constipation or diarrhea depending on whether the imbalances are drying or creating congestion. These imbalances then damage our immune functioning. thinning the bile.  When there is congestion in the mucus membranes of the intestine, toxins do not get processed by the intestines. Instead they back up to the liver which thickens the bile which in turn congests the bile and pancreatic ducts. The result is that fats cannot be digested, fat soluble toxins … Read More

Triphala: Super Herb For Super Health

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If I was stranded on a deserted island, I would consider triphala one of the few essentials to have with me. What is triphala? Triphala is one of the most important herbal preparations in existence. I have been using it for over a decade as a general balancing herb.  It helps with premature graying of the hair because premature graying and balding occur in my family but fortunately not on my head.  I am happy to give triphala the credit. It is such a well-rounded source of healing that I use it every day, and it helps me a lot. Triphala offers healing benefits to the entire human system. It is a special herb used extensively in the ancient healing system of Ayurveda which is over 5000 years old. According to the Ayurveda Encyclopedia, triphala is an herbal mixture of three herbs, amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki. The combination of the three herbs in triphala provides an herbal formula that works as a mild laxative that has the ability to rejuvenate the human system. These are the specific conditions that each of the herbs can help heal: Amalaki: it is used for: anemia arthritis asthma bronchitis colitis constipation diabetes duodenal and gastric ulcers eczema eye disorders chronic fever gout premature graying and balding heart attack prevention hepatitis hemorrhoids high blood pressure insomnia jaundice mental disorders menorraghia osteoporosis rebuilds blood bones, cells and tissues rheumatism liver and spleen weakness tuberculosis urinary disorders and difficulties vertigo vomiting Bibhitaki colds, coughs and bronchitis chronic diarrhea dysentery eye disorders headache hemorrhoids gastrointestinal diseases digestive disorders leading to obesity laryngitis liver disorders mucus nausea stones including urinary tract stones vomiting sore throat and voice problems Haritaki anemia cough hemorrhoids diarrhea gas fevers malabsorption of nutrients urinary diseases tumors blood purification spleen and liver disorders ulcerated gums muscular rheumatism heart … Read More

13 Herbs For Detoxing

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My cat, Kelly, loves to eat my asparagus fern. She is detoxing. I learned from Dr. John Douillard of Lifespa in Colorado that new greens which emerge from the ground in the spring are meant to help us cleanse our intestinal tract after a winter of eating heavy insulating foods. There are specific steps in an effective detox:  Which Detoxing Steps Are You Missing? In order to detox well, you need the right diet and practices that will support the cleansing of your system.  In addition, there are herbs that are especially effective for removing the toxins that make you sluggish and create disease. These are 13 Ayurvedic herbs for an effective detox and rejuvenation program (1)(2): for cleaning the lymphatic system, where our immune system is located: manjistha. According to the Ayurvedic Encyclopedia, manjistha is one of the best herbs for blood purification and for detoxing the liver of environmental toxins which are increasingly a reason for poor health. It also cleans and regulates the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys, all organs which are important parts of the digestive system, and is anti-cancer and anti-tumor. for repairing the mucus membrane of the gut, which becomes dysfunctional when clogged by heavy foods: turmeric. Turmeric helps relieve the mucus buildup that comes from eating heavy foods, regulates the metabolism, is a natural antibiotic that improves intestinal flora and purifies the blood.  It improves IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease and all inflammatory conditions. thinning the bile so that toxins do not get backed up in the liver forcing them into the body where they will be stored in fat cells: beets, fenugreek, cinnamon. Beets improve lymph, liver and gall bladder functioning and act as a laxative as well. Fenugreek is a rejuvenating herb that improves liver function and diabetic symptoms. Cinnamon is a strengthener: it strengthens the metabolism, … Read More

What Are You Doing About Toxins In Your Brain: 10 Reasons To Detox Now

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Have you ever felt really sluggish after winter? Have you ever noticed how when the seasons change you feel a need to restore and rejuvenate your body? The balance in our bodies changes with seasons. Our agricultural system provides many foods year round regardless of the season, which is why we often act as if nutritionally there is only one season. That thinking can get us in trouble because our bodies naturally want heavier, insulating food during the winter which creates congestion in our bodies and creates the need to restore our constitutional balance. It is very important that we understand the detoxification process because otherwise we may think we are detoxing when in fact our approach skims the surface. My favorite book about detoxification is Dr. John Douillard’s Colorado Cleanse. He has a very accessible way of writing which makes it easy to understand detoxing and a very specific but flexible system to do so. You may already understand some of the reasons why you need to detox but there are others that you probably do not. This book was an eye opener. Here are some of the insights I gained from reading his book: detoxing is now a necessity because of the severe pollution in all areas of our environment with chemicals, plastics, carcinogens of various types, heavy metals and carbon emissions. pollutants build up in the body causing impaired functioning and damage to our immune systems, weakening us over time. They can lead to chronic as well as severe diseases and premature aging. toxins can damage the pathways of the body. This means that oxygen and nourishment are blocked from  reaching our cells and therefore, our cells can become undernourished. To be truly healthy, our entire system needs abundant oxygen and nourishment. during the winter months, we eat heavier … Read More