Subtle Energies – The Path To Health

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Subtle energies are what you notice when you are in stillness. Subtle energies are precious information. Subtle energies have truth in them, but they don’t scream and yell their message. They are there to be discerned. They are where highly sensitive people live. A Lost Skill A subtle energy requires good listening skills. Somewhere in the progress of the human race, we seem to have stopped listening. Our early ancestors may not have had our material sophistication but they knew how to listen to the energies around them. A tracker for a tribe, any hunter, and shaman or medicine man knew about subtle energy and what the various energies meant. Their knowledge was a matter of life and death. Subtle energies are fluid and moving. They are not tied to anything. They just are. These energies are present everywhere and in everything. They include everything. They include time, space, materiality, qualities – hard, soft etc., attitude, and direction. Subtle energies are our path to the flow state. They are also our window to the connection of mind and body that many of us have lost. Subtle Energies At Work One of the best examples of a great use of subtle energies is Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing system. Ayurveda categorizes everything by its subtle energy.  Each of the three human body types of doshas is a group of individual unique energies.  All three exist in each of us in different combinations. When Ayurveda suggests food for a dosha, it is recommending the best subtle energy choices that will support health in a particular individual. Each of the seasons and stages of life represent different subtle energies as well. This is the reason that Ayurveda has become a great resource for people seeking a way to manage their health themselves. Understanding … Read More

Embrace Your Prana!

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  Have you ever stood outside and allowed yourself to just be in the air? Do you know what I mean? Standing in the flowing expansiveness and enjoying it? That’s prana. What Is Prana? What is prana? Prana also called chi is something that we feel all around us.  It is elusive, flowing, and it is our home. Prana is what we take in when we breathe. It is the universal life force. You could say that is the intelligence of prana. Prana is not oxygen and it is not air.  It exists in oxygen and air but it is not the same thing.  It is the natural intelligence that activates the oxygen, that moves with the air. The Natural Intelligence Of Prana Prana, the life force, activates the natural intelligence in all things. Every living thing has natural intelligence including each human being. The intelligence of prana exists whether we recognize it or not. Prana just is and is always there for us. It is inescapable. It is active even if we decide to ignore it. If we ignore it we harm ourselves and others. When we embrace the intelligence of prana, we allow it to define our lives because when are then allowing ourselves the support of our natural intelligence; we are creating our health and well-being. When we live in a way that does not support our natural intelligence we are essentially hastening our death. Prana is subtle.  It moves through our bodies all of the time unless it is blocked. There are any number of reasons for blockages, from poor quality food to difficult emotions, poor mental states, and pollution.  The opportunity for prana disturbance and imbalances in the body are substantial. How To Support Our Prana Prana wants to flow freely. Therefore, the optimal way for … Read More