Are Passion And Creativity The Same Thing?

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  Do you think passion is important? Do you think that creativity requires passion? These are important questions because many people think that creativity requires passion and that without passion, creativity is impossible. Does Passion Help Creativity Many people think that passion is necessary for creativity to occur. However, we need to reconsider this idea. Say you bump into an animal that you have never seen before. In your mind you start to invent stories about what kind of animal you are seeing and why you have not seen it before. These stories are creations of your mind. Did you need passion to create them? Creating, then, is a natural to us as breathing since we are always engaging with and trying to make sense of the world around us. Is Passion The Same As Motivation? When you are motivated, does it come from passion? When you are hungry your motivation to eat comes from necessity. When you treat someone else well, your motivation can come from love, respect, or if you are dealing with a bully from self preservation. So motivation can be all over the map. If you tie your creativity to your motivation, you will have trouble creating since your motivation will change and fluctuate. What Is Passion Anyway! Passion is most often called a powerful feeling. The Free Dictionary‘s definition of passion describes 4 basic categories for passion: a powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. ardent love, strong sexual desire; lust, the object of such love or desire. boundless enthusiasm… the object of such enthusiasm. an abandoned display of emotion, especially of anger I think that we recognize that passion can be a powerful emotion, but there are many powerful emotions. What distinguishes passion is enthusiasm. When we have passion, we feel an enthusiasm for what we are passionate … Read More

You Can’t Escape The Wild And Why You Don’t Want To

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We have been conditioned to think that the wild of nature is a dangerous place. Perhaps in some ways it is. However, the wild is also a fantastic place. The wild is where the magic happens. There Is No Certainty Certainty does not exist. We create it in our minds but it is our creation. We nurture certainty, demand stability and in the end are usually sorely disappointed. All of our attempts to secure our lives usually do not work. Many sages have said as much over the centuries, but that does not prevent us from trying. Why Stability Is A Poor Goal Stability and order have been a desire and goal of humans for thousands of years. We have been seeking “shangri-la” like conditions of security from our earliest beginnings. When you think of the effort and resources put into these desires you would think that we would have been successful by  now. The fact that we are not is worth considering and asking why? Living For The End When we seek stability and order we are living from a number of ideas that may not be helpful: we treat stability and order as ends to be achieved as if they are reasonable and realistic goals. we assume that stability is a more desirable goal than whatever alternative we envisage. we assume that stability and order are achievable. we assume that our will, for stability and order, is more important and greater a factor than anything else. we assume that natural processes are our enemy and must be controlled. Order and stability, the way we humans have constructed them, are contrary to natural processes. The reality is that nature and natural processes do not care about our desire for order. It is our job to respect them, not their … Read More

Why HSPs Need To Reclaim The Creative Process

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Most people think the creative process is just about coming up with ideas. Our culture separates ideas from making things, but treats even the process of generating ideas as something to be manufactured. As a result, our relationship to our creativity is affected by our cultural model. Manufacturing is not a natural HSP energy and can cause a feeling of disconnection in highly sensitive people who are more creative and holistic. One way highly sensitive people can embrace their natural energies and creativity is by reclaiming the creative process. How Culture Can Affect The Creative Process The Industrial Age brought with it a huge change in how things are made. Machines became the go-to resource for making the things we use in our lives. At the time it was a great idea, because machines were able to produce in large quantities and therefore meet large unmet needs of the human population. The Industrial Age, through the combination of carbon energy sources and new engineering skills, was a dream come true as a way to make life finally livable. There was a cost, however. We started delegating the making of things, and we humans became administrators, strategists and accumulators. We stopped making as individuals and lost the skills that go with that. When we changed we also began to see creativity differently. Manufacturing became the dominant activity for us and we translated the manufacturing process into every aspect of human life. We manufactured goods, lifestyles, identities, legacies, memes and cultural myths, and, of course, ideas. Ideas and the making of what an idea proposed became distinct realms governed by different people, systems  and authorities. Creativity And The Creative Process Suffers Creativity never dies – it is a natural and fundamental part of life. However, it has suffered under materialism. Conformity to … Read More

How The Path Of Creativity Can Help HSPs

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As someone who is basically an artiste in the broadest sense, I am often stopped in my tracks by my fear of making mistakes. My very roots seem to be dipped in this feeling, and I have often made myself small by refusing to give myself enough space to explore. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative (maybe just the word “artiste” made you cringe), the fear of making mistakes probably stops you from living a full, artful life. It stops you from doing things expansively, trying something new, and feeling at home when you don’t do things right the first time around. Many of us find our being shrinking in size as the shadow of this fear looms large. Perfectionism And Shame Kill Creativity Just like you, I am learning to let go of perfectionism and attempting to live a more creative, juicy life. I am beginning to learn some things that I hope will seep right into me one day, just as deep as the fear had once gone. What we think of as a mistake is a starting point: When we start off doing something, we are not very good. Or, maybe, we are talented but not as good as we ultimately want to be. Keeping things pristine and empty because we want to make only the best thing or the best decision leads us nowhere. We all know this intellectually, but we don’t know it in our bones. What we do know almost physically is the intense reaction we have when we make a mistake. Some old part of us comes calling. It says: “You can’t do anything right.” It says: “You are a mistake” even though you have just attempted something you don’t know very much about. If you are at this point, you are … Read More

Let The Creative Process Help You To Achieve Your Goals

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Do you get stuck when trying to move forward? Are you creative but still find that you can flounder or use your momentum? Do you wish you could find an easier way to make the life that you seek? Why It Helps To Embrace The Creative Process Creating can be a difficult and confounding process. We often take one step forward and another back. It can be hard to understand why that is. So we look into our childhoods, our belief systems and all sorts of corners of our psyche to figure our what is getting in our way. According to Robert Fritz, author of The Path Of Least Resistance and Creating in addition to many other books, The problem is not in our psyches it is in the structural system that dominates our lives. What Is The Creative Process? Many of us have mistaken ideas about the creative process. The creative process is NOT about coming up with ideas. The creative process is NOT about concepts. The creative process is NOT about finding yourself. The creative process is NOT a form of personal salvation. The creative process IS a structure that lets you create. The creative process IS a way to remove irrelevant considerations from your creating – whatever your creating is about. The creative process IS a way to move from where you are now to your creative goal. What Is Irrelevant To Creating? In creating the only thing that matters is what you want to create, and how you are going to get from where you are not to what you are trying to create. It does not matter what I think or what you family and friends think. It does not matter what you religion or political affiliation is. It does not matter what the weather … Read More

The Value Of Mistakes

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Mistakes are a no-no, even a taboo. That is unfortunate because they are very important and necessary. Without mistakes you cannot be in touch with and claim your own power. Embracing mistakes is a important if you want to come into your own as an HSP. The Hidden Benefit Of Mistakes According to Robert Fritz, author of the Path of Least Resistance and Creating, the creative process can be divided into three large phases: the idea or germination the development of the idea from concept to completion releasing the result Although we can make mistakes at any time and step of the process, mistakes are most valuable when we are in the development phase. Mistakes are an important part of the trial and error process that lets us engage with an idea and reality. They tell us when something is not working so that we can consider what to change. It is through mistakes not only that we learn, but also that we develop mastery over a subject. Mistakes are our path to our power and effectiveness in the world. How Mistakes Can Seem Like A Bad Idea Mistakes can seem like a bad idea, particularly to highly sensitive people. We do not like the negative feedback and we feel terrible when we have done harm to others. Our natural gifts can make it difficult for us to want to take any chances. Since we are often misperceived and misunderstood and our insights dismissed, it can seem as if we are taking big risks whenever we move forward. The Baggage Of Mistakes There are many misconceptions about mistakes that can create problems for us: mistakes are a matter of life and death. For early humans, mistakes may indeed have been a matter of life and death. However, those days are … Read More