Keys To Sticking With A Weight Loss Diet

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A new year often means a new diet. Diets are always challenging but they can be particularly problematic for highly sensitive people. Why? Because overstimulation, stress and difficulties with other people can overwhelm our best intentions. Can We Make Dieting Easier For Highly Sensitive People? There are many approaches to dieting but two stand out: reduced calorie diets. These diets generally take your existing diet down a notch. Depending on your current eating plan, it may be less of what you are currently eating. It may involve a change of foods.  There are many dieting services like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem among others that find ways to reduce calories without changing your food lifestyle. meal replacement diets. Meal replacement diets came into vogue as technology entered the food business. Once company that pioneered their use is Medifast. Meal replacements   can have a high amount of nutrition for a modest amount of calories. They are dense nutrition meant to replace 1-2 meals a day. Either of these approaches can help you lose weight but there is more to it. What Is Weight Loss Discomfort? One of the reasons that people have difficulty with diets, is that their bodies feel the withdrawal of food. It can be frightening. Because of calorie restriction, no matter what your method, you body will most likely digest what you do eat fairly quickly – certainly faster than when you were eating more. So you will feel ups and down from sugar imbalances. Whatever our current diet, we have found a way to create sugar stability in our bodies, even if it means we weigh more than we would like. When we start a diet, we disturb that equilibrium and that causes discomfort. Your  equilibrium changes can also change your moods, make you feel weaker and make it … Read More

Guduchi: 9 Ways To Protect Your Health

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Guduchi is another exceptional herb used extensively in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health care system. Found in the Himalayas, guduchi is one of the few herbs that balances the entire body or all the doshas, the name for the three body-systems of Ayurveda. Over thousands of years, Ayurveda has catalogued all of the physical effects of food, beverages and herbs on the body. It has accomplished this feat by identifying the qualities in each food. Let’s consider a ripe banana. It has the qualities of being sweet, heating and sour. It affects the body’s doshas with its smoothness and heaviness. Some of these qualities are obvious and others are more subtle.  We can taste the sweetness of a banana and experience its smoothness and heaviness. The heating and sour actions of the banana are felt in the body after the fruit has been eaten. Guduchi has the following physical effects: heating, bitter, astringent, light, unctuous, sweet and destroys toxins. It balances all of three doshas or bioenergies of the body: data – air and movement, pitta – digestion, and kappa – tissues and lubrication. It is such a strong supporter of the immune system that it is thought to help increase the lifespan.  Guduchi offers these health benefits: improved immune system. It strengthens the immune system and helps with autoimmune diseases.  It also reduced the toxic effects of chemotherapy. By strengthening the immune system, it reduces the potential for cancer. improves conditions in the joints like gout and arthritis by acting as an anti-inflammatory. heals liver damage caused by alcohol, drugs and medicinal drugs. It repairs the liver tissue. heals skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and systemic lupus erythmatosis. heals gastrointestinal disease by healing various bowel conditions and rebalancing intestinal flora. regulates blood sugar levels. calms the nervous system. supports … Read More

9 Ways Mangistha Destroys Toxins In The Body

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Would you like to know that your immune system is functioning well and able to protect you? Manjistha is a wonderful Ayurvedic herb that does just that. Manjistha known as rubia cordifolia is a climbing medicinal plant found in the Himalayas. Its roots are used to create the medicinal supplement known as manjistha. It is a multi-purpose healer which addresses many conditions and symptoms. However, its most important role is the reduction of toxic reactions caused by detoxification sometimes called a healing crisis. When toxins are loosened in the body they can enter the blood and other parts of the body causing serious damage. In addition, when detoxification happens too rapidly, various “healing” reactions can take place including psoriasis and ulcers as described by Vaidya Mishra, an Ayurvedic healer. This herb is considered the best herb for blood purification since it supports detoxification when toxins can be removed from the liver and enter the bloodstream. Toxins can also be found in the blood when the various channels of the body are closed preventing the normal processing and removal of toxins from the body. Many of the conditions helped by manjistha involve the blood and organs that affected by blood and blood toxicity. These are some important conditions that benefit from using it: skin diseases. It heals a variety of skin problems including eczema, psoriasis since the skin is a detoxifying organ. menstrual problems. Manjistha treats menstrual conditions since it purifies the blood.  It helps the post-natal healing of the uterus. blood resolution. This herb regulates blood clots, blood pressure, cleanse the blood and treats heart disease. immune system removes renal and gall bladder stones. Manjistha cleans and regulates the pancreas, spleen liver and kidneys which all have a role to play in digestion and toxin removal. urinary system disorders tumors. It destroys both benign and malignant tumors. some … Read More