Keys To Sticking With A Weight Loss Diet

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A new year often means a new diet. Diets are always challenging but they can be particularly problematic for highly sensitive people. Why? Because overstimulation, stress and difficulties with other people can overwhelm our best intentions. Can We Make Dieting Easier For Highly Sensitive People? There are many approaches to dieting but two stand out: reduced calorie diets. These diets generally take your existing diet down a notch. Depending on your current eating plan, it may be less of what you are currently eating. It may involve a change of foods.  There are many dieting services like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem among others that find ways to reduce calories without changing your food lifestyle. meal replacement diets. Meal replacement diets came into vogue as technology entered the food business. Once company that pioneered their use is Medifast. Meal replacements   can have a high amount of nutrition for a modest amount of calories. They are dense nutrition meant to replace 1-2 meals a day. Either of these approaches can help you lose weight but there is more to it. What Is Weight Loss Discomfort? One of the reasons that people have difficulty with diets, is that their bodies feel the withdrawal of food. It can be frightening. Because of calorie restriction, no matter what your method, you body will most likely digest what you do eat fairly quickly – certainly faster than when you were eating more. So you will feel ups and down from sugar imbalances. Whatever our current diet, we have found a way to create sugar stability in our bodies, even if it means we weigh more than we would like. When we start a diet, we disturb that equilibrium and that causes discomfort. Your  equilibrium changes can also change your moods, make you feel weaker and make it … Read More

Get The Monkey Off Your Back!

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You know the feeling… You are bone weary. You are not sure that you can move. You look at your limbs like they do not belong to you and they have no interest in doing what you want.Your energy is on strike and you can not afford it. We have all felt this way. It has a cause and it has a cure. The Burden You Are Carrying It is easy enough to write off the symptoms of fatigue to bad diet and too much work. If only it were that simple. It is easy enough to fault the individual for some weakness that causes them to not be “strong” enough or responsible enough or whatever enough. It is easy enough to blame bad genes or the weather or some other factor outside of our control. The reality is that we are living in an unusual time in human history and understanding context is key to making your life more manageable. There has never been this number of human beings on this planet that has grown so complex that no one can manage it any more. Our world is out of control in more ways than one, and you are feeling the effects. It is not your fault.  But you still need solutions. Short-term Solutions Make It Worse Most short term solutions for fatigue are nothing more than one form of stimulant or another: stimulants like coffee and sugar snacks do a number on your body by upping the sugar that sets you on the road to metabolic disorder and diabetes. It’s a high price to pay for a temporary boost that depletes us later.  It’s a kind of deficit spending for the body. working harder is another often used approach. We have all heard the expression that there are not enough hours in the … Read More

Subtle Energies – The Path To Health

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Subtle energies are what you notice when you are in stillness. Subtle energies are precious information. Subtle energies have truth in them, but they don’t scream and yell their message. They are there to be discerned. They are where highly sensitive people live. A Lost Skill A subtle energy requires good listening skills. Somewhere in the progress of the human race, we seem to have stopped listening. Our early ancestors may not have had our material sophistication but they knew how to listen to the energies around them. A tracker for a tribe, any hunter, and shaman or medicine man knew about subtle energy and what the various energies meant. Their knowledge was a matter of life and death. Subtle energies are fluid and moving. They are not tied to anything. They just are. These energies are present everywhere and in everything. They include everything. They include time, space, materiality, qualities – hard, soft etc., attitude, and direction. Subtle energies are our path to the flow state. They are also our window to the connection of mind and body that many of us have lost. Subtle Energies At Work One of the best examples of a great use of subtle energies is Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing system. Ayurveda categorizes everything by its subtle energy.  Each of the three human body types of doshas is a group of individual unique energies.  All three exist in each of us in different combinations. When Ayurveda suggests food for a dosha, it is recommending the best subtle energy choices that will support health in a particular individual. Each of the seasons and stages of life represent different subtle energies as well. This is the reason that Ayurveda has become a great resource for people seeking a way to manage their health themselves. Understanding … Read More

3 Amazing Herbs For The Immune System

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Do you think your immune system is taking adequate care of you? Do you fall prey to seasonal illnesses or illnesses that get passed around: colds, flu, etc? Are sick more often than others around you? If you are answering yes to the last two questions, then your immune system may not be protecting you adequately. Highly Sensitive People And The Immune System It is a bit unfair to blame the immune system for our getting sick particularly if you are a highly sensitive person. One of the biggest health challenges that highly sensitive people have is supporting and maintaining a healthy immune system. Our immune system often cannot cope with the demands that our nervous systems and cultural expectations place on it. Although everyone needs to take care of their immune systems, HSPs need to step up their self-care to compensate for higher demands on their bodies. The specific burden that highly sensitive people have is stress – stress in such high volume that it overwhelms our bodies, immune system included, if we are not careful. Even if we were to lead an extremely quiet lifestyle, we need to support our immune systems because our hyperactive nervous system are naturally active all of the time. In the best of situations, we are vulnerable to becoming depleted from nervous system stress. The Special Problem Of Stress And The HSP Immune System If we are experiencing a lot of stress and our immune systems become weakened, then when other problems arise, we have a more difficult time coping with them. Viruses, parasites, and other invaders are more likely to take hold in our systems. Therefore, in addition to stress reduction strategies, it is a good idea for highly sensitive people to offer their bodies some immune system support. These herbs can help: ashwaghandha is … Read More

The Surprising Cause Of Addiction

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Have you ever wondered what causes addiction? Does it seem sometimes that all around us is one form of addiction or another? Entertainment, shopping, work, the internet, sex, food, drugs, alcohol? The Cause Of Addiction Stress and addiction are actually cause and effect according to Yogi Amrit Desai, founder of Kripalu Yoga. His thinking is explained in  Natural Awakenings, Healing the Root Cause of Addiction with Ayurveda A Natural Cure for Unhealthy Dependence by Linda Sechrist.  According to Yogi Desai in this article, “Addictions are antidotes that provide a temporary escape from the stress- producing, conflict-creating reactions you have about what you are doing, where you are going and who you are with. Addiction, which is only an effect, occurs when you continue to use inappropriate external resources to reduce stress and restore a sense of balance, while failing to resolve the cause of the stress hidden in the unconscious.” The first question this raises is: why does anyone need an antidote to a reaction? are some reactions OK and others not? Have you ever noticed when your feelings and reactions are “corrected” by other people and how that feels?  and what is your reaction to that experience? Problems with reactions and the need to escape them come from a conflict we are unable to resolve. Usually the seeds of addiction are created when we are children.  As children we are stuck not only physically but also emotionally as well. We have to survive in the environment into which we are born. It is that natural need to survive that can get us in trouble because we sometimes have to live with compromises to our worth and dignity that we do not want or deserve. Unfortunately the seeds of addiction can happen innocently. If, as a child, someone were to step on your foot, and … Read More

In The Zone With Ayurveda

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The easiest way to be healthy and physically happy is to live naturally in the zone with ayurveda. Being in the zone has been often associated with sports – the place where you are operating in a free and effective manner. In the zone is an expression that came out of the work of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who investigated and wrote about flow as the state of being totally one with whatever you are doing. It is a state where your entire being is focused on an activity so that there is no separation between any aspect of yourself and the activity. It is a state of oneness. Applied to health, flow would be a state where all aspects of the body, mind, emotions and spirit operated in harmony. Ayurveda is designed to make that possible. The way Ayurveda helps an individual achieve flow is by identifying the original states of the individual and then providing the health practices and diet recommended to achieve that flow. It sounds simple but it is actually very sophisticated because it balances all of the qualities in an individual’s bioenergy or dosha by using dualities. Dualities are opposites. Dark and light, hot and cold, hard and soft are all pairings of opposites or dualities. If an individual naturally has the quality of coldness, warmth is balancing for that person. That same idea is applied to all the various qualities in that individual’s makeup. Since these energies are a part of the person’s biology, mental and emotional state as well as spirit, the entire being of a person is brought into balance or an optimum state. When an individual is in balance all the energies of the body work together in harmony and a feeling of well being, bliss and flow can be achieved. These techniques … Read More