5 Ways HSPs Can Minimize Social Anxiety

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For highly sensitive people, social anxiety is an especially serious problem because HSPs are different and because their values, perceptions and experiences often do not mirror the Western competitive model. You know how it feels when you have a social event to attend and your anxiety levels start to rise. HSPs are likely to feel particularly anxious and often want to mentally prepare for anything they do including socializing. It is hard, however, to prepare for something that is spontaneous. If a highly sensitive person expects hostility or a lack of acceptance, their social anxiety will likely be even greater and it will be harder for them to enjoy the event and the people there. Highly sensitive people are the holistic thinkers of the world which means that HSPs do not have a combative mindset. As a result they can be slow to respond to an aggressive individual which can create social discomfort and embarrassment.  Verbal aggression can be very hard to handle for HSPs because of their gentle, empathetic natures. HSP values are the opposite of the capitalistic model. That so many people embrace competitive individualism in the United States is not an accident since the cultural system deemphasizes community.  Because the values and goals of our society are different from HSP communitarian values, highly sensitive people have a challenge because they do not share common cultural ground with many other people. Highly sensitive people can be wonderful friends, a characteristic which can be the basis for effective socializing. Here are 5 approaches that help HSP’s develop perspective and effective choices about social situations: Think of your common ground with others as a human common ground not necessarily a cultural one.  Your capacity for friendship is a way to elevate people around you and enables you to lighten up. By … Read More