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Learn the basics about sensitivity and solutions for the challenges of being sensitive. Get creative insights about sensitivity.

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Become confident by learning about the concrete benefits of being sensitive and how your sensitivity contributes tangible benefits to the world.

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Relieve stress and social anxiety when you discover tools that help you know easily which problems are yours and which are not.

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Harness your sensitivity by discovering frameworks that make sense of how the world works for personal, work and social mastery.

“The Emerging Sensitive is an essential resource in supporting highly sensitive people in showing up in relevant ways, and not at a cost to them…” Ane Axford, Sensitive Leadership

“‘The Emerging Sensitive’ builds on (and references) Aron’s work and takes it to the next level by looking at the HSP’s place in the modern world, and introduces concepts from systems theory to help create ways of processing ideas about culture and community that rang very true to me. Like many HSPs I am involved in doing my part to make the world a kinder place, and found the section on the Commons Movement really inspiring. ” Jody Day, Founder of Gateway Women and Author of Living The Life Unexpected

“I found this book fascinating, a true step forward, and filled to the covers with helpful hints & resources for HSP’s…” Robert Gorman

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What They Are Saying…

“Maria has an amazing understanding insight into the highly sensitive trait. Her works demonstrate a deep recognition of the difficulties sensitive people have and she is a beacon for sensitive people who are trying to understand this sometimes challenging trait.”

Christine Lacedra RN BSN CWIC
Reset My Weight

“I find it very interesting and validating as it’s sometimes scary being a highly sensitive male in this macho world.”


“Sensitive Evolution is the voice that I keep quiet. It speaks up and validates.”


“Everything I read on the HSP blog is so ‘spot on’. It’s like your answering the questions in my subconscious. Thank you.”


“…some of the most refined truths about the characteristics of high sensitivity.”

Popa Mihai

“I appreciate your posts because they bring aha moments (a lot of them)… Reading your blog posts help me to understand even more fully, often pointing out things I didn’t even connect myself… “

Karen Droege

“…Sensitive Evolution goes a long way to meeting those two basic needs of being understood and thus loving oneself better and creating a more whole person to give back. Thanks.”

Maria Cross

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